The Benefits of Using Fencing to Complete Your Hardscape

Fencing? You want fencing? This is one type of hardscape that is available in a multiplicity of materials, sizes and styles. Fencing also offers a vast array of functions, from the most pragmatic to the most aesthetic. The right fence will provide a number of benefits.

If you’re interested in making outdoor renovations, the right kind of fencing can help to define your space. Fencing will also help you set up areas for different activities, or lack of them (like sleeping in a hammock). For instance, if you need a fence around your swimming pool, your specifications are going to be completely different from what you may want in order to keep little critters out of your vegetable garden.

What is the purpose of your fencing?

Wooden fencing

There are plenty of fencing options to choose from, each for different needs. But they will all perform a common purpose as well, and that is to enclose and define each area.

So first you’ll need to decide where you want your fence, and what its area is all about. This will help you choose the height, material and whether the fence will stand out visually or become invisible. If you’re going for some striking visibility, also think about installing a garden or two. Or perhaps you’d prefer some shrubbery or trees to enhance the effect you desire.

Fencing Varieties

Wrought iron fencing

Some fences, like wrought-iron fancy work, are chosen more for their looks and less for privacy, since they often provide very little of that. And some specifically to keep your pets and small children inside the yard, and the rest of the world out. Chain link, for example, will let them see out into the rest of the world without running loose in it.

But plenty of different kinds of fences will give you the sense of being alone that is hard to come by if you live in a crowded neighborhood. Let’s face it, we all want to be invisible to the world around us on occasion. And sometimes we just want to be able to enjoy our own yard without having to look at whatever the neighbors are doing.

Privacy Fence

Privacy fence

A tall fence for blocking the view in both directions can go all around your side and back yards. Any area of your property where you’d like to have more privacy will benefit from the strategic placement of a tall fence.

You know your property and what you’d like to be able to do in it, better than anyone else. Still, you will benefit from the help and expertise of professionals who are well-versed in what it will take to turn your dream yard into reality.

Photos courtesy of Pixabay

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