Cooking Outdoors With a Barbecue Island

Imagine what you could do with the equivalent of a kitchen outside, equipped with a barbecue. You can get a barbecue island of your very own, customized to suit your needs.

A standard barbecue island is just what it sounds like. It’s an island with a barbecue in it, that’s often made from concrete or stone. Barbecue islands may also be called grill islands or outdoor kitchen islands.

Barbecue Island Varieties

Barbecue island

No two barbecue islands need be the same. Professionals can help you to choose from a myriad of styles, sizes, materials and add-ons. You might want to keep it simple, or maybe you’d like to splash out with all the bells and whistles.

You’ll have plenty of options to pick from for your counter tops, back splash, hood and other features for your personalized barbecue island. To begin with, you can also opt to start out small and later on, over time, you can add more features and dimensions to your barbecue island.

You can go with just a worktop with a built-in barbecue, or you can go for the gusto with grander plans that will include some additions such as built-in sinks, cupboards, drawers and ice boxes.

You might also want to save yourself some steps to and from your kitchen. One way to do this is by filling some of the storage space in your barbecue island with appliances you’d like to have handy, such as a blender or food processor.

Make The Most Of Your Barbecue Island

Barbecue island

Customize your barbecue island to suit your needs and preferences. Add a fridge, for instance, or increase your counter space. Consider an island that will hold a grill and a smoker station as well. And how about a pizza oven?

Have you ever been the lonely cook manning the grill while your friends and family are laughing it up on the patio or deck? If you plan your barbecue island right, you will never have to experience that kind of isolation ever again.

Want to be near the action? A little professional advice will help you to plan and arrange your barbecue island so that you can be part of the fun while simultaneously fixing a meal to feed the throngs. Better yet, a built-in tabletop grill makes it possible for people to cook their own meals.

Brighten up the night with downlights, string lights, strip lighting and lanterns. Add some patio furniture too, and you’ve got a neat outdoor extension to your home. Finally, a few touches like vases and pillows create a homey feel. And to think you just started out with a barbecue.

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