Outdoor Living From the Comfort of a Screened Porch

Do you have the feeling that your home could use a little something? A screened porch might be just the solution you are looking for if you find yourself reluctant to go to the expense and complications that are inherent in the building of a new room.

You won’t need to install heating and cooling systems, insulation or even a foundation for your screened porch. And it can go up in a matter of a few weeks. This, along with its cheaper price tag, makes the prospects of building a screened porch instead of a new room or a more involved porch enclosure quite attractive.

Pros and Cons of a Screened Porch

While it’s not going to be suitable during very cold or very hot months, a screened porch will extend your floor space and the length of your outdoor season.

It will provide substantial protection from the elements. Even so, make sure that all your furniture and rugs, pillows, and anything else out there are waterproof. You’ll be glad you did on those days when the wind brings sheets of rain from unprotected directions.

Pets and kids can wreak significant wear and tear upon your screens, so you might not want to have your screens run from floor to ceiling. Something moving upward at around the height of a chair rail could prove to be about right for you. This will protect your screens, and could also very well protect your child. You won’t need to worry about anyone bouncing off your screen, or tearing it and falling through it.

Additional defense from pests creeping and crawling into your porch will come from having screen installed under your floor boards.

The Amenities

A wood stove or vent-free gas fireplace will extend your season on the porch somewhat further into the fall. Having your own heat source will get you out there earlier in the spring as well. A ceiling fan can make things more comfortable on very hot summer days.

Want to watch TV or listen to music while you enjoy your screened porch? No problem.

Like to be outside on a summer evening? A screened-in porch with strategic lighting makes that possible all summer long, and ensures all the bugs stay outside.

You can kick back with some tunes, gazing out into the night from the comfort of your screened porch, and congratulate yourself for having the foresight to get this baby built in the first place.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

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