Enjoying the Outdoors From Your Porch Enclosure

Sitting out on your front porch taking in the view is a great way to enjoy the outside world. And to really enjoy your time outdoors, a porch enclosure makes it that much sweeter when it’s too cold, too hot, windy or raining. You don’t have to get wet, cold or overheated to be able to commune with nature or watch the neighbors go by.

An enclosure can be a renovation performed on your present porch, or built at the same time as your house. They are mostly glass and doors. If you already have a porch with a roof, that will reduce the amount of construction and expense involved. If you don’t already have a roofed porch, you will need to construct a roof for your porch enclosure.

Porch enclosure frames and doors are mostly aluminum, treated wood and uPVC. Inserts will usually be glass, fabric or metal mesh. Lots of glass will provide you with a panoramic view of the outdoors, without any of the unpleasant extras like bugs, extreme temperatures and generally inclement weather.

Semi-covered Porch Enclosures

An awning enclosure overhangs the porch, but doesn’t shield it completely. Its fabric is durable. You’ll enjoy how effective it is against sunlight and rain. Awning enclosures may be retractable, and you can adjust against rain and sunlight.

A fully-covered enclosure offers complete protection which helps to keep out bugs, dust, dirt, pests and the weather.

Semi-covered porch enclosures may come with open sides and a protected front.

The construction of an enclosure utilizes lightweight materials. Windows, doors and frames come prefabricated, made from aluminum, plastic, metal or uPVC. You can lift out the glass or metal mesh inserts when you want some fresh air. Don’t harbor any illusions, though. This type of enclosure can be delightful in the right types of weather, but it’s still not of four-season caliber.

How your permanent enclosure is built will be determined in part by what you want it to encompass. How much protection from the elements do you want? And how big an area are you looking for?

The Benefits of a Porch Enclosure

Porch Enclosure

Insulation in a porch enclosure protects against extreme weather and temperatures, both inside the porch itself and in your house.

A porch enclosure is most appropriate for a mild or humid climate because its construction isn’t up to very cold or very hot weather. Even so, having such an enclosure will reduce energy costs by helping to keep heat and your precious a/c inside the house where you want it to be.

Your enclosure provides an extra barrier between your home and the rest of the world, adding a level of safety and security.

It also provides a space for your dirty shoes and boots, umbrellas, coats, hats, scarves and other paraphernalia that you really would rather not have crowding and dirtying up your home’s entryway. It’s simple really. If you take them off in your porch enclosure, you and your family won’t be tracking messes through the house. And your front hall will not be a congested bottleneck of outerwear and accessories.


It’s a great accomplishment to be able to move about and make yourself cozy in an outdoor space, that happens to be inside your living quarters. It will increase a sense of beauty and spaciousness to your living space. And on the financial end of things, you can expect the value of your house to go up when the addition of a porch enclosure becomes part of the picture.

So go ahead. Set your sights on a porch enclosure, and enjoy the outdoors with all the comforts of being indoors.

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